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As a Chiropractic Physician, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, AND functional neurologic specialist I can speak with authority about the interactions of our mind, body, and life. There is more about health, food, and happiness out there than we have been led to believe...


You may be here because of something unwanted, healing from a trauma, or perhaps developing into your greatest self, re-enforcing your strengths. Where you are and where you want to go are all tied up together as one, Recognition of your own personal story and how you go about living your life will be called to shift and expand.


How One Does Anything

Is How One Does Everything.

You are Here. We are connecting, you have wants, desires, needs, goals and visions for yourself and your life.

You and your efforts are worth it. And this is about you, having your best life. Do You want it?


The principles of setting up the foundation for creating the life that you desire will be understood. Your task, if so choose to accept your mission is to create and dream., In this series you will learn about the steps of manifestation in which it occurs. Applying this knowledge events unfold towards your aspiration.


We can unknowingly find our self as our own worst enemy. You find yourself because there is a belief that it is the way. Life has a funny way of putting us where we need to be to wake us up to our highest calling. You will expand upon what you thought you know and how perfect your life really is.


We often focus on what we do not want and thre are ramifications to this sort of focus. As you move through the material in the Mindset Matters Series you will gain peace and positivity as you realize the perfection of unfoldment. Complete the series and tune in as we share the wisdom of one truth and the nature of where we find ourselves in.

Align Your Mind, Body, And Soul So you can start winning in EVERY situation!

Through This Video Series You'll Learn The 3 Secrets To Winning In Every Situation

Secret #1

Law of The Seed:

What one plants, grows. The events you are experiencing in your life are a direct effect of what you have planted. Access Your Power for New Harvest


Flow In Change:

The Knowledge of the true nature of manifesting a reality compared to where you currently find yourself. Shift Your Pain into Personal Power

Secret #3

Present Perfection:

Create alignment within the four dimensions of life to maximize your manifestation ability. Where you currently find yourself is perfect for your personal masterpiece.

Ready to Craft A Winning Mindset and Win in Every Situation?


Audrey H.

Chiropractic at its best!


"Dr Kevin is compassionate, smart, and on the cutting edge of his profession. Also, his energy work is on point with our much needed emotional/psycho-logical releases in order to move forward on our journey,"

Jenny F.

Excellent Care


"Dr. Kevin is an incredibly gifted doctor and healer. His demeanor creates an environment of openness, healing, and care. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking full body, mind, and spirit healing, as they are all connected."

Shelly M.

More than chiropractic


"This technique, paired with this multiple energy healing methods, have been a HUGE proponent in not just healing this condition, but so much in my life has been improved by his treatment! I couldn't recommend him more, he has been a life saver."

Ready To Access Your Own Success Story?

Dr Kevin Gyurina

My heart lead me to follow opportunities where many would look elsewhere.

The challenges and difficulties I found myself in became the silver lining and the path to greater levels of physical health, fulfillment, peace and happiness. Gaining in-depth knowledge and ability lead me to heal myself and now the passion to share my amazing experiences and insights with others is my calling.

And as it is said… “Physician, Heal Thy Self”

I had become aware that I have the absolute talent to help others, yet I was ill and had to restore my body, heart and mind first.

My personal journey has taken me to various points around the world, and because of these experiences I have developed a unique perspective, as well as a mastery of multiple chiropractic and energy healing modalities, which have led me to create my own unique style.

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